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New! Slender Results Sauna Suit

Sauna suits work by using your bodies own heat during your workout to increase your body temperature which in turn increases your metabolism and calorie burning. It is an excellent way to increase weight loss and burn more calories.

This Sauna Suit is perfect to wear with any physical activity, aerobics, walking, jogging where burning more calories is your goal. Wear it while you exercise, work or play to maximize your weight loss.

This Sauna Suit is also preferred by salons and spas for wearing over Body Wrap treatments. Wearing this sauna suit over the wraps helps to retain your body heat, maximizing the effects of the body wrap. This suit is also included in many of our body wrap kits. Try our inch loss body wraps to enhance your weight loss and inch loss goals, tighten skin, tone and firm. Visit our store to view all of our body wrap kits.

This excellent quality two-piece sauna suit is designed for both men and women and features elastic waist, neck, wrists and ankles to help keep the heat in. Made of soft vinyl waterproof fabric.

Color: Black

Size: L/XL (one size fits most)
(note: waist stretches to 48 inches)

Unisex for both men and women.

Comes brand new in factory package.

A great addition to your weight loss and exercise program!

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