Detox Spa Mud – Seaweed Enriched Anti-Cellulite Formula


8oz size provides 1 full body wrap or multiple spot treatments for the legs, buttocks, belly or arms. Perfect for a quick treatment to slim, detox and tone.

32 oz size is perfect for head-to-toe body wrap treatments or multiple spot treatments. Really want to tighten and firm the belly? This 32oz size gives you enough product to wrap your stomach area 30 times!

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Detox Spa Mud is the premium seaweed enriched mud used by salons and spas around the world for detox body treatments. This premium mud is excellent for inch loss body wraps, ultimate skin detox treatments, skin care poultices to treat skin ailments or problems and is specifically enriched with seaweeds that help to fight cellulite and detox the skin.

The Original Seaweed Mud Formula

This unique blend is high in minerals, vitamins, and proteins is enhanced with seaweeds that assist in detoxifying the skin, stimulating circulation, and ridding the body of toxins. Excellent for cellulite problems.

This pre-mixed Spa Mud is so easy to use! For Body Wrapping: simply apply to the areas where you wish to reduce inches and/or the appearance of cellulite. Then wrap with plastic/saran wrap! Cover up with a sweat suit and/or blanket and stay warm for 1 hour! It’s that easy!

Experience an all over body mask for a slimmer, trimmer, healthier body!

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