Almost half of all people, men and women, especially over 50 years old, are affected by Varicose and/or Spider Veins. Most common in the legs and caused by weak or damaged valves in the veins, allowing the blood to collect in the area. Spider Veins can be caused by increasing age, hormone changes, family history, pregnancy, obesity, lack of movement and sun exposure.

While there are surgical solutions and expensive treatments such as sclerotherapy, surface laser, and endovenous techniques, there are non-invasive, less costly and more natural treatments that can lower the visibility of veins and offer great results.

Our Vein Treatment Body Wrap Formula offers an excellent alternative to reduce veins. The added essential oils that target Vein Health, combined with the Bentonite based clay formula that allows the oils to be absorbed deeper into the skin, provide a treatment like to other on the market.